Tips for choosing Artwork when Staging a home in Vaughan

June 25, 2021

Artwork can be so overwhelming. What to buy? Where to buy?… And let’s not forget the dreaded, where do I put it? There are many stunning pieces out there at different price points that suit any budget and area of your home. While there are no set rules for adorning a home, following these basic instructions will help you select the perfect wall art pieces for your home, in all of their uniqueness. Go by size, style, color, theme, inspiration, or floor plan – the options are limitless.

Create A Vibe:

Consider the use of the room or space you want to dress up. Do you want your space to evoke a certain feeling? If you want to add a sense of calm to your bedroom look at images or art pieces that have that effect on you naturally. Maybe you want to inject an uplifting energetic vibe into your office? Then look to pieces that inspire or motivate you. Whatever you choose make sure it makes you feel good in your home or space.

Go For Color:
Do you tend to go for neutrals or black and white? Try going out of your comfort zone and choosing at least one piece of art with a punch of color. A little or a lot of colors can add drama and transform a space that feels otherwise boring into a pulled-together room.

Where to Place:

The rule of thumb for hanging artwork is to have the center of the artwork fall around 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor to the center of the piece. This about eye level for the average person and the standard used in galleries. But not all of us are that height and I’m pretty sure most of us don’t live in a museum or gallery. And this rule doesn’t always work in dining rooms, living rooms, or offices where we tend to do mostly sitting. In these types of spaces, you may want to hang your art a little bit lower. Not only will it be more comfortable to view but it will look more at home with the other furniture in the room.


When it comes to artwork, you’ve got options. If the canvas isn’t doing it for you, hanging a large mirror or even multiple mirrors instead will do the trick. Iron artwork is also very popular right now, it adds a different dimension and richness to any room. And lastly, something we see all the time; staggered art (hanging two pieces side-by-side but one lower than the other). It highlights your inability to properly hang artwork and looks lazy so just don’t do it!

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