Staging Trends That May Turn Off Buyers

June 29, 2021

Home staging in Vaughan can show off a home in its best light, and simple, updated décor can certainly create a space that feels warm and inviting. But there are some popular trends in home design that stagers say you need to avoid when prepping a home for sale.

Accent Walls:

Although pops of color are becoming increasingly popular, it’s best to avoid accent walls and bold color choices. A neutral palette is the one design element all stagers will agree on. If you want to add color, do it through artwork, throw pillows, or decor. This way, a potential buyer won’t be scared off thinking they have a painting project to take on.

Don’t Over Personalize your Home Decorating:

When it’s time to sell your house, one of the best things you can do is to depersonalize. Be mindful of the design choices when you remodel, or you could quickly turn off the potential buyers. Even though you may like a colorful kitchen countertop that does not mean every home shopper walking through your house will enjoy the look. The same can be said for those personal treasures and collections you have displayed in your living room. The basic idea is that when buyers enter your home, they should be able to see clean lines and a welcoming home environment. Also, remember that buyers often can’t say what they like, but they can easily tell you what they don’t! This means if they walk into your home with too many collectibles and specific personal decor it will be an instant turn-off.

Make sure the place is immaculate:

If you don’t clean, and I mean CLEAN, in addition to de-cluttering and fixing big and small issues, your potential buyers may get the impression that the home has not been well looked after and that can lead them to believe that there could be a lot of things wrong with the house and that it may need all kinds of expensive repairs. That can scare them off. They may go for a well-staged home because they will get the feeling that the homeowners have treated it with great care. They feel that the house is worth more money because it will cost them less in repairs down the road. Besides that, they can see themselves living there, and that is priceless.

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