Staging Trends for 2020 and into 2021

November 17, 2020

As we prepare to enter not only a new year but a fresh decade, you may be wondering what design trends lie on the horizon. To find out, we polled four trend forecasters who are constantly looking at data and analyzing market shifts to identify what’s new and next.

The general theme of home decor ideas 2021 can definitely be described as calm. No matter which part of the house you choose to create the home design 2021, if you do it according to home decor ideas 2021, there will be calmness and spaciousness in your house.

Mixed Metals:

Mixed metals have been an increasingly popular design trend in 2020. There are different tones of metals such as warm (brass, gold, copper), cool (aluminum, silver, stainless steel), and neutral (cast iron and black metals). Avoid mixing more than 3 types of metals in one room because this may be busy and overwhelming. Neutral metals are a safe choice because they mix well with both warm and cool metals. If you are using one type of metal as a coffee table, use the same metal for the light fixture. This will serve as your dominant metal in the room and will add a cohesive element that ties everything together – similar to how an accent color works. When you are combining your metals (warm with cool), focus on matching things like texture and finishing to stay consistent.

In case you don’t appreciate a very eye-catching decor for your home design, but want to have that home decor trends 2021 modern look, you should go for copper and brass accessories or some parts of the furniture, for example. For interior design trends 2021, the winning combinations are copper and brass with velvet textiles.

Curvy Furniture:

Curvy furniture is making its way back in 2020 with a modern twist. Furniture with curves embraces form and shape emulating softness. This trend is strongly inspired by 70’s decor and brings in a whimsical and comfortable element to the room without compromising luxury. Curves still pair well with geometric designs so mixing and matching curves and lines will result in a truly interesting space. The curved trend is not just furniture but also includes light fixtures, rugs, paintings, etc. 

Modern Rustic:

The term “rustic” is an all-encompassing term for many different design styles. It is a broad term that can mean natural, rough, aged, casual, etc., and each of those styles are drastically different from one another. Modern styling for an entire interior with flashy over-styled decor is a thing of the past, but modern rustic is a grounded aesthetic that is becoming increasingly popular. The characteristics of a rustic interior are natural and soothing and the major materials used to achieve this trend are wood and stone. When combining these materials with contemporary furniture and textiles your home will reflect an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best. The “rustic” factor mostly pertains to the interior or exterior build of the house itself. If you are looking to achieve the modern rustic style, it is important to preserve the character and original architectural detail. The modern factor then comes in with your choice of furniture. The best way to present modern rustic decor and furniture is in minimalist arrangements that can be seen and appreciated.

Light Woods:

Lightwood is making a comeback from the ‘90s. Light wood pair well with all color palettes and will brighten up any space, especially with the addition of natural light. Another great thing about wood is that it can go in any room and can transform your house entirely. Kitchen cabinet design is starting to move away from solid whites and greys because natural materials introduce warmth and depth. Wood also works well with earth tones and is a strong element in biophilic design. Light wood paired with exposed brick, navy, and wicker cane creates a very modern, refined look.

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