Staging Tips for your Master Bedroom

May 21, 2021

After the living room, the master bedroom is the most important room to stage when selling your home. When buyers tour the bedrooms of a home, especially the master bedroom, the atmosphere should be relaxing and tranquil. A bedroom should feel like a retreat that buyers can imagine unwinding in after a long day and feeling refreshed in when they begin the next one.

Below are the most important tips for staging a master bedroom that sells:

Do a thorough clean:

Before prospective buyers step foot inside your house, the place should be cleaned from top to bottom. In bedrooms, that means vacuuming not just the obvious places, like the floors, but also the curtains, upholstered beds, and anyplace else dust can hide. If you have window blinds, wipe them down with a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. Have your comforter or duvet professionally cleaned, and replace old pillowcases, sheets, and other bedding. Then make your bed like a pro.

Use Décor That is Simple & Modern:

Décor is an essential part of making a bedroom your own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better when you want to stage a master bedroom.

You might find that by keeping the décor simple and uncluttered, you can make the bedroom much more inviting. A sparse presentation allows prospective buyers to imagine their own little touches and design elements that could complement the existing layout.

Add extra pillows to the bed:

Adding extra accent pillows to the bed will instantly make it look more comfortable and luxurious. We typically arrange 5 – 8 accent pillows on the bed in various tones and patterns. It’s a great way to bring in some visual interest because you can include some pops of color, pattern, and texture by mixing them up. While you want to make sure they all complement each other, this is a fun way to bring some character back into space after neutralizing the palette. You’ll also create more of a relaxing atmosphere with them.

Ensuite Bathroom Should Match The Master Bedroom:

Finally, when you want to stage a master bedroom, you can’t ignore the importance of preparing the ensuite bathroom as well.

Most buyers will place significant importance on the ensuite bathroom meeting their requirements. Ensure that this space is as clean and tidy as possible. In terms of design and color scheme, the ensuite bathroom should mimic and complement the bedroom so that both areas create a unified retreat from the busy world that awaits outside. Just as in the bedroom, try to remove all unnecessary items and clutter that might obstruct or hide the benefits and design elements that the ensuite bathroom has to offer.

Luxury home staging in Vaughan

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