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July 29, 2021

When selling your home, first impressions are everything. Give your home advantage by taking the time to spruce it up before you list – and whatever you do, don’t forget about these three areas when home staging.


The living room serves as a commonplace for families to gather and spend quality time. This space should be inviting and staged with comfort in mind.

Homeowners can stage their living room using these tactics:

  • Cluster furniture. Arrange small furniture in odd clusters of three, five, or seven items to make the room appear larger.
  • Depersonalize. Remove family photos and memorabilia to enable buyers to visualize their possessions in the space.
  • Illuminate the corners. Incorporate additional lights to ensure all corners are well lit and display the full size of the room.
  • Position mirrors. Add depth and dimension to the room by mounting a large mirror above the fireplace or on the wall.

Optimal living room staging will help potential buyers envision life in your home. Focus on making this room intimate and comfortable to increase home appeal.

Declutter the Kitchen:

A kitchen can sell a home, but a messy, cluttered kitchen can also make your home much harder to sell. Declutter as much as possible, and try to leave no more than three key appliances on the countertop. You can keep related items nearby such as a ceramic canister marked “Coffee” next to a coffee maker, but make sure any excess is put away. You don’t want to overstuff your cabinets either, as potential buyers will likely open them. This could require relocating belongings during showings.

Feel Free to, include colorful items that inspire healthy living, like a curated collection of interesting cookbooks, or you can also include fresh flowers to bring life into space. Help people envision their new lives in your home.

Master Bedroom:

The master bedroom needs to look like a restful retreat. This means decluttering and making sure all clothing items are properly hung or stored. Make the bed appear welcoming with freshly washed linens, comfortable throw pillows, and maybe an extra blanket near the foot. Turn on table lamps placed on nightstands, but limit another décor. Here’s another place where adding a book is perfectly acceptable.

Make sure it is easy to walk through space by removing any unnecessary furniture besides the bed, nightstands, and a dresser. However, if you have space for a separate seating area, feel free to highlight this with a well-chosen chair or two and possibly a small table.

Focus your attention on staging these rooms to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for potential home buyers. Your home is likely to sell faster and for a higher price after you have cleared out excess possessions and properly staged each room.


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