Reasons to Hire a Home Stager

July 17, 2019

Are you in the process of selling your home? If so, then it’s time that you realize the importance of investing in home staging. Selling a home can be overwhelming and difficult, but with the help of a professional stager, you will receive the right guidance to make your home more appealing to fresh eyes.

Staged Homes Sell Faster than Vacant Ones

It’s a known fact that a staged home sells faster than a vacant one or one that the homeowner staged themselves. A home staging professional knows how to design and decorate your home, based off the needs of the space. They know what homes in every price range look like and will be aware of exactly what they can do to increase the value of your home.

Home Stagers View Your Home Objectively

A home stager isn’t emotionally attached to your home the way you are. If you’re trying to design and decorate your home yourself, then you may find it challenging to eliminate some items that wouldn’t be attractive to potential buyers. Home stagers listen to your thoughts and opinions, while using their professional input to achieve the look you want, based off what they know will sell. They also know the best way to rearrange existing furniture, art and accessories. At Alpha and Omega, we provide furniture rental services that will also help with the design process and give your home a fresh look.

Confidence in Your Home

When you hire a home stager, you can be confident and relaxed knowing that you did everything possible to sell your home fast and for the highest value it could go for.

High Return on Investment

Staging a home will provide you with a higher return on investment. Although you might not enjoy the thought of spending more money in the moment, you will be happy that you decided to once the home is sold at a higher price.

Stand Out from Competition

Home stagers know exactly how to make your home stand out from the competition. Several buyers search homes online before attending an open house or making the final purchase. A home stager ensures that rooms look their best before photos are posted online.

Evoke the Right Emotions

Professionals know exactly what it takes to make sure that your home evokes the right emotions that will make potential home buyers feel attached. Home stagers are experts when it comes to choosing the right lighting, furnishing and décor!

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