Kitchen & Home Renovations That Instantly Add Value To Your Home

June 19, 2020

Kitchen and home remodeling can make your home more enjoyable because the money you put will recoup when it comes to selling. But, not all the remodeling can create equal effects. While some home remodeling projects can add significant value to your home, Or others can reduce the sale price. So what’s a homeowner to do?


Remodel The Kitchen:

Kitchen remodeling can add value to your home but it is also important to be careful. when you are planning your kitchen remodeling first thing that matters is the cost of your material versus the value. Based on the value of your home, if you choose to install granite countertops or marble, will you be able to recoup that money? Take your time to plan accordingly, and don’t overspend, you can make some nice upgrades to your kitchen like get updated appliances or a window over the sink, replacing the kitchen faucet can add a lot of appeals, add new cabinet hardware, and replace the old light fixtures with modern, energy-efficient options.

To improve the overall look of your kitchen hire a refacing company to refinish the cabinet boxes and install new cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware. Or rather than replacing cabinets, paint the cabinets a new color.

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Remodel The Bathroom:

Is your home in need of a bathroom remodel? Give your bathroom design a boost with a little planning and our inspirational bathroom remodel ideas. Bathrooms are an important part of a home. If there are not enough bathrooms or if they are very outdated, it will be a big turn off to potential buyers. Use glass for the shower to make the bathroom feel more spacious, Update bathroom amenities and fixtures. Or adding a bathroom in dead space in the home will increase a home’s sale appeal.

Increase Light and Space:

Increasing the natural light in your home offers so many positive benefits. Bringing sunlight helps to enhance the welcoming atmosphere inside your home, improve your mood, help you wake up in the morning, allow for better interior photography, and even help it sell! 

 If you have a home that has dark, cramped rooms consider knocking down some walls to brighten up your space. An open floor plan will make a home feel much larger and is even better for entertaining. Adding some new styled vaulted ceilings are another idea that will help create the illusion of more space. Increasing light and space will increase your home’s sale appeal.

Consider Adding a Deck:

Home Buyers always love the decks to be appealing, they give the homeowner another point of egress from the home to the yard, which tends to add value. A deck increases a home’s usable space- but costs only half of what it to would build a new room in the house. It has been observed from my Real Estate Agents and Staging Companies in Mississauga when you spent the money to add a deck onto your home, you will likely be able to recoup more than eight percent of its cost at sale time.

Finish Your Basement: 

If your home doesn’t have enough space to add an extra room consider finishing your basement. A basement space can easily be turned into a bar, playroom for the kids or media room. If you can add a bathroom while remodeling your basement will increase the value of the basement remodeling even more. Also try to keep the basement space as open as possible so it does not feel cramped and dark.

The bottom line is that you have to get outside your head and inside the mind of a potential home buyer. It’s very difficult to be objective about your own home, but it’s crucial if you want to sell it. That’s when the expertise of a professional designer Or Staging company in Mississauga comes in who can see beyond the bold paint choices and bulky furniture, who has an eye for design and can transform your existing home into someone else’s dream home.

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