Interior Design

|| Consultation $150/Hour With a Minimum Of 2 Hours Per Consultation ||


A beautiful home will speak for itself

Every room is strategically designed to nourish one’s well-being. During our consultation, we will identify several styles that you find appealing so we can design a home that directly reflects your tastes, while using our expertise to incorporate the latest trends. Our goal is to make the room feel comfortable and collected, using innovative and unique concepts.

Developing a functional, aesthetic and emotionally appealing concept

It’s important to pay attention to even the smallest details when trying to increase the value of your home and surpass all competition. At Alpha and Omega, we are passionate about making every home stand out. When designing your home, we will suggest and discuss possible repairs and updates to the living space, while exploring different colour schemes, accessories, lighting and furniture placements. Maximize the value of your home by investing in functional, aesthetic and emotionally appealing concepts. Get a free estimate today!