How to Get the Most Out of Working with an Interior Designer

July 26, 2022

Working with an interior designer can be intimidating, but certain tips will help create a positive and productive relationship. If you want the process to be enjoyable, keep the following in mind:

Create a realistic budget

The cost of designing whole rooms can add up quickly, as can the cost of designing multiple rooms. Interior designers will charge a fee based on the job specifics, required services, shipping, and installation costs. While the amount you see may seem high, it is the only way to achieve your vision with every last detail accounted for. Experienced interior designers will know what is possible and the means to achieve the desired aesthetics. We will keep you informed of the expected results within your budget. Discussing these considerations in advance will allow you to get the most out of working with an interior designer. They may suggest that you work through one room at a time properly instead of multiple rooms at once poorly.

Invest in quality items

It is better to buy once than to buy cheap items multiple times. Investing in quality items will allow you to enjoy your space, and you will not have to worry about replacements. Sofas and dining tables, for example, are pieces you should spend money on so that they last a long time. This is true for items you love; if something truly brings you joy, you should buy it and compromise on another element you can save on. If a purchase makes you happy, you will not regret it. You will, however, regret not buying an item you loved.

Trust your interior designer

Trust is a must in any successful relationship, and you need to trust your interior designer when they make a suggestion. Remember, they do this for a living, so do not be scared, even if the suggestion is out of your comfort zone. Give the idea some thought and consider it thoroughly because that suggestion may become your favourite element of your home’s design!

Know what you want

Interior designers want clients to provide them with direction and inspiration because they will be able to provide you with a better outcome. When a client has no opinion, the job of an interior designer becomes much harder, so look through images and note which aspects you love. You should also list design concepts or elements you dislike so that the interior designer does not incorporate these ideas. Additionally, indecisiveness will cost you, so try not to make changes halfway through the project.

Do not rely on HGTV

The programs featured on this channel are entertaining but highly unrealistic in terms of budgets and timelines. These shows are meant for television and not real life, so do not rely on the information you see because the furniture and accessories are usually staged and not part of the budget, so you will be disappointed. Completing the design-build process is a collaborative effort that takes time, so you must be prepared to wait. Patience is a must, and while it’s natural to feel excited, interior designers need time to ensure every detail is perfect. 

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