How can you list your home for a higher selling price? Get it Staged!

February 25, 2020

Many people think staging a home for sale is just cleaning and decluttering the whole house; a huge misconception! When a professional stager stages a home it achieves the much needed “oomph” factor! A staged home creates more buyer interest, which can lead to multiple offers. According to the Canadian real estate organization, 40% of sellers saw an increase of up to 10% in the prices of their houses.

A professional home stager will use modern furniture, accent pieces, artwork, and other décor items to elevate the look and feel of your home. There are many houses for sale in Brampton. As a seller, you can get a unique advantage over your competitor by hiring a professional home stager in Brampton. We upgrade your house in such a manner that you can list for the higher selling price. Even when the house is listed at a higher margin, with its décor and complete catalog look makes it an attractive investment in the eyes of the buyer. When buyers like what they see and feel about a property they are also quick to buy it.

The goal of staging a house is to generate higher buyer interest. One of the first steps toward a successful home staging is to have a fresh look and feel inside the house. We help homeowners take an objective look around their house. We understand selling your home is a stressful and emotional process. We know that empty spaces or overcrowded spaces are big visual distractions and hinder the process of selling the house. We craft various looks of the rooms to bring out its best features.

In real estate pictures are worth thousands more. As a professional home stager, we work with your existing décor and adding ours to create a pleasant and enjoyable viewing experience. Today, buyers first browse many properties online. To stand out among many homes listed online for sale, excellent pictures play a crucial role. These pictures will decide if the prospective buyers will even want to visit the home in person. We stage your home for a higher selling price in such a manner that it is photographed beautifully.

Consider hiring a professional home stager in Brampton as a worthy investment in your property. You will be able to list your home at a higher price than other properties in your area. With our expertise, on your side, you will have a profitable selling experience. We create a beautiful holistic environment that prompts positive emotional responses from the buyer. Even the houses listed at higher prices sell fast because the buyers love the “feel” of the house. We know how to achieve the optimal look for houses at different price levels.

At Alpha Omega we have been helping Brampton and Mississauga homeowners sell their homes for higher prices for years. Our clients have been satisfied with our superior level of care and commitment to their homes and memories. Call us today and discuss how much more you can make by selling your home at a higher listing price.