Frequently Asked Questions About Home Staging

June 1, 2021

Depending on how often you’ve moved or sold a home, whether you’re an experienced real estate agent or a first-time homebuyer, home staging in Vaughan may not be a common experience. Below are some of our most frequent questions, about home staging, in general, and our team, specifically.

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What does a home stager do?

Home stagers are responsible for taking a home and transforming it into a space that potential buyers can envision themselves living in. To help the property sell as fast as possible and for top dollar, the process normally involves de-cluttering, depersonalizing, and redesigning the interior and exterior of the house.

What is the difference between a home stager and an interior decorator?

Home Staging company in Vaughan

A home stager’s goal is to prepare the property to be put up for sale and to appeal to potential buyers. In contrast, interior decorators cater to the requests of the homeowner as they will be the ones continuing to live in the space. Both home stagers and interior decorators want to make their clients’ homes look good—but whereas a home stager is going for a generic, depersonalized look, an interior decorator wants to create a space that reflects her client’s unique personal l tastes.

What kinds of furniture and accessories does a home stager use?

Alpha & Omega Staging uses high-quality furniture and accessories that are selectively picked from our extensive inventory. We are constantly adding items to our inventory as new styles, colors, and finishes make their way through the ever-evolving design trends.

Who Pays for the Staging?

Typically, the homeowner pays for the staging if the property is vacant. Some realtors will offer to pay for a staging consultation as one of the benefits of listing with them.

Can I go to your warehouse to select furniture and accessories by myself?

Alpha & Omega Staging has storage of 5000+ SQFT with a wide selection of furniture and accessories to suit all kinds of properties. In our experience, when a client selects furniture or accessories piece-by-piece doesn’t make the best staging result since it’s hard for them to see the big picture. Stagers at Alpha & Omega has been professionally trained with years of experience. We select the furniture and accessories to fit your space,cohesive colors, appropriate materials, and styles to best showcase the house! But feel free to communicate your preferences with our stagers, or simply sit back and relax and be amazed by our staging outcome!

How much does staging cost?

We provide customized quotes based on our review of the property and the amount of furnishings, artwork, and accessories that are needed to make the property shine. We are not able to provide estimates over the phone – all of our projects are customized to the specific property and demographics of the potential buyers.

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