Do’s & Don’ts When Staging a Property For Sale

May 11, 2020

Nothing says “high-pressure” like selling a home, especially you have only the first 6 seconds to make a positive impression on potential buyers. According to Naini D’ Souza Owner of ” Alpha and Omega Staging and Design” Staging Company in Mississauga. Whether your home just went on the market or you’ve been trying to sell it for a while, here are some dos and don’ts for staging your home in Mississauga to make it sell as quickly as possible.

Do Declutter :

The First major step involved in home staging is the cleaning and clearing the clutter out of the house. If you’ve lived for a long time you’ve probably amassed a lot of junk, whether it’s worn-out furniture or stacks of old magazines. You wouldn’t want potential buyers inside your messy home, because if space is cluttered, the buyer will interpret that as the house not having enough storage.

A staged home must also be sparkling clean. You need a professional Stager in Mississauga to help you cull through the mess and prod you to lighten your load.

Staging a house for sale can seem overwhelming, but the key points to take away are:

• Keep surfaces (tables, countertops, etc.) free of clutter.

• Put away family photos and other personal items.

• Limit the amount of décor – less is more!

• Replace old, worn-out linens and pillows (couch throw pillows, bed comforters, etc.) with new ones.

• Clean, clean, clean until your home shines!

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal :

“It’s the first impression potential buyers will have, so you want to make sure it looks appealing from the drive up. The lawn and landscape also deserve as much care as inside of the house; after all, they are the first thing that a potential buyer will notice. When Staging you have to think like a prospective buyer. Would you seriously consider a house with a parched lawn? Probably you will say No. So get the lawn in Shape and use mulch and bedding when necessary to fill in trouble spots. Trim hedges and tree, and make sure they aren’t blocking the house visibility.

Also, put some extra thoughts on the outside of the house like cracking paint, broken shutters, and sagging gutters should be fixed because buyers and realtors will have an up-close view of them, and you’ll want them looking appealing and attractive.

Do your best to make the place look great :

When it comes to home staging in Mississauga, just think of it as the house version of detailing your car. Clear Countertops, touch up the paint, clean the carpet, Choose Perfect artwork, and especially choose furniture according to your place.

Remember that the goal of successful staging is an attractive living area that people and envision themselves in. Professional Home Staggers in Mississauga may recommend renting luxury furniture to create a polished effect. This seems like little expense, but if your upscale decor fetches a higher offer for the home, you’ll save money in the end.

Get professional photography done of your home :

If you do search for s home online, then you must have an idea of how critical it is for there to be plenty of photos of the property. If you want to list your property, you could take your own photos, but if your realtors offer a professional photography service, take them up on it.

Make sure that what someone sees in the photo is exactly the same when they are coming to view the property. Most importantly make sure buyer expectations meet reality.

Note: When it’s time to stage your house for the real estate market, just keep in mind that people want to buy a place of their own — not one that has your signature all over it.