Best tips to a master bedroom makeover

October 19, 2021

When it comes to a master bedroom, it’s typically the case that you want to wake up in a room that fills you with happiness and positive feelings for the day. You also likely want to come home to a bedroom that is filled with relaxing, comforting elements after a long day at work.

Because the bedroom is so important in these ways, the process of designing your master bedroom should be given some extra thought and effort.

There are, however, a wide variety of different master bedroom décor ideas that you could use, all depending on the size of the space and your personal preferences.
If the task of designing your master bedroom is filled with uncertainty or anxiety, fear not! We at Alpha & Omega Staging are here for you and will outline 5 of the best master bedroom ideas that you should consider for your own space.

Choose Your Bed Wisely:

Remember, your master bedroom will need to accommodate more than just your bed. There needs to be enough space for any additional furniture, like dressers or side tables – as well as enough empty space so the room does not feel crowded. Thus, our number one master bedroom decor idea is that you choose your bed wisely! Avoid buying mattresses online unless you know exactly what you’re getting. Try out multiple mattresses before making up your mind. You’re going to spend 8 hours every day on it –might as well be super comfortable! If you have a small bedroom, make sure you get the measurements right before committing to furniture.

Ensure that the product you choose gives you enough clearance space around your bed for your bedside tables and other floor accessories. And, importantly, do your best to choose a bed that both fits these requirements and feels relaxing and inviting to you.

Once you know what bed you want, next comes linen and upholstery. Play around with the room’s color palette and create contrasts and patterns with various decor items in the room. Throw pillows are a great way to add a splash of color to the room without creating chaos in the color scheme. An ottoman at the foot of the bed will complete your bed set up
along with the side tables.

Illuminate your bedroom:

Lighting in the bedroom isn’t just for illumination but it can also be good for creating an ambiance in the bedroom. Use lighting to add soft and warm aura that encourage relaxation. You can also add task lighting which you can use while reading or for sitting areas, bedroom vanity and walk-in closets. Add a dimmer switch to your lights too so that you can control the amount of light you want for the bedroom.

Let natural light in:

The bedroom will be a better place to stay in with natural light in the morning. Sunlight will make the place healthy and you will feel even more relaxed with it. Consider adding large windows or even sliding doors that lead to a balcony if you have one. This way, you aren’t just
allowing natural light to get in but you are also giving yourself a chance to see the wonderful views outside.

Add a gallery or accent wall:

You can make your bedroom look more beautiful with a gallery or an accent wall. Big blank walls will make a room feel under-scale and empty, so make sure that you will add something to it. A framed photo, a mural, wallpaper and others would be great to make a wall look pretty.

Decorate for more glam:

Decorate the master bedroom but do not overdo it. There are no rules in decorating, so express yourself. Balance the elements in your decor to get more glam and style in your personal private space. You can even showcase personal collections, keepsakes and memorabilia in here.

At Alpha and Omega Design, we’ve perfected the art of luxury property styling or interior design that home owners would kill for. Our team can style not only a dreamy master bedroom that will have you wanting to take a nap yourself in it but every single room in the house to make you feel relaxed, happy & comfortable with the space you live in. For more information about our Interior Design Services in Vaughan, give us a call at 647-330-8383 today to talk to a Designer.


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