4 Tips When Staging Your Condo

July 7, 2020

Hiring a staging company in Mississauga will help your property make the right first impression. Alpha & Omega Staging & Design is Mississauga’s best Condo and Home staging company specializing in occupied residential staging. Our dedicated staging team works with sellers and agents to redesign interiors and attract the attention of the right buyers.

Top 4 Tricks for Staging Condos:

1. Windows: Light is a huge part of staging any space, and condos are no different. Optimizing the amount of natural sunlight that comes into a condo is one of the biggest things you can do to help stage and sell it.

When looking at windows and window treatments, choose either sheer curtains or drapes that are the same colour as the walls. Also, be sure to keep the curtains and drapes open to let natural light flow in.

2. Mirrors: Maybe your condo doesn’t have many windows, or maybe the windows it does have don’t get the best light. Don’t worry – there are still many ways to maximize the amount of natural light that flows through your space.

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are a great (and cost-efficient) way to get the most out of your natural lighting situation. Mirrors reflect both light and views, so try to place them strategically so they both brighten it up and reflect some cool views.

3. Have “Fun” with Light Fixtures: Homeowners often neglect lighting fixtures when it comes to preparing their home for the market… Which is a shame! With so many unique, affordable, and easy-to-find lighting options available today there’s no reason not to spice it up by adding something better than the generic Canadian Tire special.

A well-placed, distinctive lighting fixture not only adds a splash of fun – it also creates a focal point with which to anchor a room.

4. Emphasize the Vertical: The strategic use of tall shelving, long drapes, and other accents and décor that emphasize height work wonders in creating a sense of having more room than actually exists.

Coffered and beamed ceilings are also great for creating a sense of vertical space while also adding some character to a condo, but if you’re not prepared to go that far then you could also consider adding some painted texture on your ceilings instead.

Our focus is to create a lifestyle for targeted buyers. Our team of experts will show your property through its best angles by using a modern and elegant design that pleases the widest target audience. This will be done by picking furniture, colors, and materials that speak to everyone while removing any personal items that could distract the client from seeing your apartment as their future home. It is a crucial element for making the sale happen.

Based on your neighborhood and condo’s features, we will work on a custom presentation, and will personally select every single piece of furniture in our Warehouse to transform your apartment, making it luxurious and cozy.